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Meghdut Roy Chowdhury 

Educationist | Social Change Maker | Serial Entrepreneur |

Cultural Diplomat | Ardent Calcutta Lover | Podcast Host



About Meghdut

Meghdut Roychowdhury is on a mission to redefine the Future of Education and the image of Bengal through arts, education, and innovation.


An Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Startup Mentor, Music Producer, Community Builder and Social Changemaker, he disrupts mediocrity as a lifelong un-learner. 

Starting his entrepreneurial journey during college, pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at Techno India Saltlake, he later pursued his Masters in Management at HEC Paris, with exchange semesters at Stanford University and Tel Aviv University.

In 2020-2021, he chaired the Entrepreneurship committee at the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries, leading a massive vaccination drive and raising over $1 Million for healthcare services in Eastern India.

He has co-founded the Bengal Business Council, which currently has 400+ promoter-led organizations under its umbrella and acts as the voice of Bengal's businesses worldwide.

Meghdut's work in the space of cultural diplomacy and creative bureaucracy crystallizes in his position as Director - Delphic for Youth in the 2600 year old Berlin-Headquartered International Delphic Council, which promotes world peace from arts and culture.

At 19, Meghdut founded BlooperHouse Studios, producing 3000+ albums worldwide. He's the Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group, driving experiential learning with Offbeat CCU. A visionary behind Technopreneurs Surrogate Ventures, he received the Eminent Young Entrepreneur award. Meghdut is also the Chief Evangelist of Y-East, the pioneering aggregator and networking platform uniting sustainability and social actors in East & North East India. Additionally, he has also created a consulting company, MiM Mentor with his colleagues from HEC Paris and ESSEC B School in France, which helps incumbent students get into the top business schools in Europe. He promotes independent music through Topcat CCU and gave the city its first international design school, Ecole Intuit Lab, Kolkata. He masterminded the CCU Festival and Innovators Over Coffee, uniting Kolkata's innovators. His latest project, Make Calcutta Relevant Again, aims to revive the city's lost glory through culture, community and commerce.

Meghdut is the Executive Director of Global Operations at Techno India Group. Techno India Group which was established in the year 1985 currently stands as one of the largest and most accredited leaders among knowledge management groups in India by virtue of its academic proficiency and robust multitude of course offerings. He is currently in charge of bringing innovation into the classrooms of TIG's flagship institution, Techno India University, in the form of new laboratories, international partnerships and a global mindset amongst its student fraternity.


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