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Meghdut is the Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group. Techno India Group which was established in the year 1985 currently stands as one of the largest and most accredited leaders among knowledge management groups in India by virtue of its academic proficiency and robust multitude of course offerings. He is currently in charge of bringing innovation into the classrooms of TIG's flagship institution, Techno India University, in the form of new laboratories, international partnerships and a global mindset amongst its student fraternity.


Meghdut is the co-founder and Special Secretary of the Bengal Business Council. For the first time in recent history, Bengalis have come together to form a council of their own to foster entrepreneurship and networking amongst themselves and to further entrepreneurial cultivation in the Bengali youth. Bengal Business Council aims to be the voice of Bengali Businesses globally.


BlooperHouse Studios was founded and curated by Meghdut. Ever since its inception in the year 2011, BlooperHouse Studios has assisted the resident musicians of Kolkata reach out to millions of people by furnishing an analog studio experience at a cosy space. Robust advocate of independent music and the aim to curate an artist collective space for local musicians of the city. Kolkata's premier homegrown studio has till date produced more than 2000 albums and artists from across the world.


Meghdut is the Founder & Chief Architect of Technopreneurs’ Surrogate Ventures which is the seedbed for all aspiring entrepreneurs and their startups. It was envisaged to nurture the innovations and ideas in the emerging technology. TSVPL furnishes a platform for prospective/ existing entrepreneurs to share their ideas, concerns and bottlenecks on the one hand and simultaneously seek the support and guidance of the well-established mentors, entrepreneurs and investors on the other. The intention of this initiative is to sensitise and endorse the significance of entrepreneurship and curate a support system or network for people on the same boat to work together in reaching their respective destinations.

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Meghdut is the Founder & Chief Curator of Offbeat CCU, which is Kolkata’s first full fledged centre for interdisciplinary education furnishing a holistic hub for Entertainment, Hospitality, Events, Workshops and Certifications, Fitness and lifestyle and many more. Offbeat CCU in all good faith is the brainchild of the enterprising magnate and their spearheaded zeal. Offbeat CCU is the key regional player in the inter-disciplinary and experiential education space; bridging the gaps between the intuitive approach and its actual implementation. Offbeat CCU has made a name for itself in the cluttered brand-scape and stood out as one of the most disruptive models of education in the country, lending Meghdut a spot in the world's most innovative educational summit SXSW-EDU as the only team representing India. 


Meghdut serves as the Chief Evangelist of Y-East, which is the first aggregating and networking plan gathering actors of sustainability and social sectors, precisely focused on East & North East India. Y-East strives to grow the community of impact focused organisations and individuals- NGOs, Corporations with CSR obligations or intent, Impact investors, Social Businesses, Educational Institutions, Public Entities. Y-East have simultaneously curated an online platform for organisations with similar belief who can register themselves and connect with one another and in fact sign up as an individual and traverse through different impactful organisations, events and many other available opportunities.


Meghdut is the Founder & Chief Curator of TopCat CCU which is housed at Offbeat CCU. TopCat CCU is a Gastropub which unlike any other. Encompassing of top-notch live music to exquisite food and beverages. Topcat CCU is an inclusive space for artists, by artists, which exhibits different moods on different days. From local Independent musicians to intense theatre groups to raging underground party scenes. TopCat CCU is a renowned name amongst the circuit of music lovers, quizzers, party goers and many more. What was once considered very impossible and unlikely, has now become a niche hotspot for the youth of the city.


Meghdut co-founded MiM Mentor with Srikrishnan and Pranav Ram who are former MiM Graduates and Ambassadors. MiM Mentor fortifies the guidance and support rendered to students who aspire to pursue their education from schools and universities across the worlds. The Mentors at MiM possess deep insights and are adroit in the filed of MiM and know exactly what it takes to land an admit. Furnishing a 360-degree service they guide aspiring students towards the end till one receives their admission. At MiM, the mentors leverage their experience and knowledge to furnish and maintain a cost effective approach, concurrently leveraging  their extensive and international network of topnotch MiM students and alumni’s, based on specific requirements


Intuit Lab and Techno India Group (TIG) have come together to open a design school in Kolkata, offering unique courses in design, digital, art and gaming. Driven by an aspiration to contribute towards educating new generations about the evolving technologies in the field of design and digital creativity, the two like-minded educators from Intuit Lab and Techno India Group have come together to enrich the minds of creative aspirants of West Bengal. Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Director, Global Operations, Techno India Group believes, “This new department will offer unique courses highlighting the correlation between art and technology. Through this partnership and new-age teaching practices, we will be able to cultivate a balance between training and experience; between theory and practice; between academic and professional.”

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